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Important facts you need to know before you consider buying an Australian Saddle

IMPORTANT: Many inexpensive serge lined saddles on the market use a low cost stuffing that will need to be reawled
after some use; we do not recommend buying these saddles at any price. They are expensive to maintain and will
give continual fitting problems. In addition, the leather is often a painted (or pigmented) leather that has a sealed
surface. Since oil cannot get in, the leather will quickly dry out and become brittle. In general, you get what you pay
for. If a saddle is really inexpensive, there is probably a very good reason! The most important consideration when
purchasing an Australian saddle is to carefully choose the Company from whom you are purchasing. Consider the
following questions.

1. Do they have the required expertise with Australian Saddles? Down Under Saddle Supply has over a decade of
experience with Australian saddles. We have sold many thousands of Australian saddles Worldwide, to all types of
riders for all types of horses. This expertise and long term knowledge allows us to offer you the best possible saddle
for your money no matter how much you have to spend.

We work directly and continually with our manufacturers around the world to assure top quality gear at a fair price.
We know the details of how the saddles are made, and we can recommend the right saddle for your horse and riding

2. Do they have a large range of saddles to choose from, so you get the right saddle, not just something that they
have laying around that they want to get rid and they'll tell you anything so you'll purchase it? At Down Under we
maintain an inventory in excess of 1,000 Australian saddles in our Denver warehouse, one of the largest inventories
anywhere in the World. This means the right saddle is available to suit you and your horse at any given time.

3. What effort is made to ensure that I have ordered the correct saddle to suit me and my horse? We require a
considerable amount of information to ensure that the correct saddle is sent to you, for additional information on what
we need, look below:.
Most of our current Kimberley Series and Down Under models have adjustable saddle trees, whereby we can adjust the saddle to fit nearly any
kind of horse .....big or small. When we receive your wither tracing we match it to a suitable saddle and make any needed adjustements. If after you
with the horse in a normal upright position. With the right pictures, we can usually help with most fitment questions right over the phone.

If you made a mistake with the wither tracing: Down Under Direct is still there for you. After viewing the photographs we will advise you if you have
the saddle correctly positioned on the horse and if the saddle fitment is correct. If the saddle fitment is not correct we offer you one additional
saddle tree adjustment at no charge (a $60 value). You send the saddle to us freight pre-paid, along with a note with your phone number and
return delivery address, we will adjust the saddle tree to suit the photographs and we will pay the return shipping back to you. Please allow up to
five work days for the adjustment, plus the return shipping time.

Fitment for the horse and rider is our number one priority. Each original Down Under Direct customer is entitled to one custom adjustment at the
time of purchase, and one additonal adjustment any time during the first year at no charge.
How to select the proper seat size ....

Australian saddles are measured differently to
Western or English saddles. Below is a guide to the
size you will need in an Australian saddle, however we
still require your height, weight and pant size to
correctly determine the exact size you will need for a
particular saddle.  

Western Size     14"      15"      16"      17"      18"
English Size      17"      18"      19"      20"      21"
Aussie Size       16"      17"      18"      19"      20"
Saddle Size        15               16                 17                18               19                20                21
Weight (lbs)     95-120      120-140       140-160      160-180      180-200       200-220       220 Plus
Pant Size           4/6               6/8             10/12          14/16          18/20           20/22            22 Plus

Approximate Saddle Size Guide - Men
Saddle Size        15                16                17                18               19                20                  21
Weight (lbs)   110-130       130-160      160-180        180-200     200-220       220-240        240 Plus
Waist Size        28-32            32-34         34-36            36-38         38-40          40-42            42 Plus